The creatures described in this section include mundane animals as well as fantastic creatures. The fantastic creatures are intended for campaigns that allow FX abilities.
Some creatures are presented as "templates." A template can be acquired or inherited. Acquired templates can be applied to a creature anytime. Inherited templates assume the creature was born with the template. .
A creature's description often includes statistics for both the standard breed and an "improved" version that has levels in one or more heroic classes.


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AbilitiesAcid RainerAcquiring A Character Class
Action Points (Ap)AdvancementAlien Craft Operation
Alien ProbeAlien Weapons ProficiencyAllegiances (Al)
Anaconda, GiantAnimalAnimated Object
Baal (Unique Archfiend)Base Attack Bonus (Bab)Bat
BodakBogeyman (Template)Cat Folk
Challenge Rating (Cr)Charred OneChemical Golem
ChimpanzeeConstructCrawfordsville Monster
Creature DescriptionCreature TypesCreature Weaknesses
DefenseDemonic MachineDimensional Horror
Dinosaur, TyrannosaurDoom HagDragon
Dread TreeDrop BearElemental
Festergog (Vomit Fiend)FeyFiend
Fighting Space (Fs)Fire WispFlesh Golem
Flyby AttackFull Attack (Full Atk)Ghoul
GiantGrapple Modifier (Grap)Grimlock
Half-FiendHarpyHarriken (Headsnatcher Fiend)
Hit Dice (Hd) And Hit Points (Hp)InfesterInitiative (Init)
Intellect DevourerInvisible StalkerJumping Jack
Litter BruteLuciferanMalleable Creature
ManiacMan-'o-War, GiantManufactured Weapons
MapinguariMassive Damage Threshold (Mas)Medusa
MegalodonMongolian Death WormMonstrous Flytrap
Monstrous HumanoidMonstrous SpiderMontauk Monster
Natural WeaponsNeothelidNew Equipment
Night TerrorOozeOutsider
PlantPrimary Attack (Atk)Puppeteer
ReachReputation (Rep)Researching Creatures
RevenantRodRogue Tulpa
Rotlord (Carrion Fiend)Sand SlaveSatanic Ichor
Saves (Sv)Sea SerpentSewer Sludge
Shark, HugeSharkSize
Skeleton (Template)SkillsSkin Feaster
Skinhusker (Blade Fiend)SnakeSource Effects
Special Qualities (Sq)Speed (Spd)Star Doppelganger
StygilorTerrestrial EffluviumThought Eater
ThunderbirdToxic SludgeTroglodyte
UndeadVampire (Template)Werewolf (Template)
Whisperer In The DarkWyrmYeti
ZeikuneZombie (Template)
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