You can pick up an opponent with your mecha and fling it.
Prerequisite: Mecha Operation, at least one free hand slot.
Benefit: Your mecha can make a grapple check at a -20 penalty against an opponent at least two size categories smaller than it. If the grapple succeeds, you can use an attack action to fling the held opponent on your next action. The range increment for the thrown foe is 10 feet, and the maximum range is 100 feet.
A creature may be thrown horizontally or vertically. If thrown vertically, it takes normal falling damage. If thrown horizontally, it takes damage as though it had fallen half the distance thrown (rounded down), and you may apply your mecha-modified Strength bonus to the damage.
Your mecha may also fling your opponent at another mecha, vehicle, or creature. To do so, make an attack roll at a -4 penalty, with appropriate range penalties, against the target. If you hit, both the thrown creature and the target take the amount of damage that the thrown creature would have otherwise taken, as given above.
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