Mecha technology can be found in societies of PL 6 or higher.


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Advanced Mecha OperationCivilian CarsClass Information
Cockpit AccessColossal MechaDriving, Piloting, And Movement
EngineerEssential Mecha FeatsFlying Mecha
Fusion Age WeaponsGargantuan MechaGravity Age Equipment
Hair TriggerHuge MechaKnowledge (Technology) (Int)
Large MechaLeave Room For The PilotManticore (Pl 7)
Mecha And FeatsMecha ArmorMecha Body Size
Mecha Critical HitsMecha CrushMecha Defense Systems
Mecha EquipmentMecha Flight SystemsMecha Fling
Mecha In Outer SpaceMecha JockeyMecha Operation
Mecha Sensor SystemsMecha SuperstructureMecha Sweep
Mecha TrampleMecha Weapon ProficiencyMecha Weapons
Mecha-Related FeatsMiscellaneous EquipmentMovement And Combat
Myrmidon (Pl 6)NanohuntersQuadrupedal Mecha
Ranged Attacks And Attacks Of OpportunityRepair (Int)Salvage
Sample MechaScourge (Pl 6)Stowing Hand Slot Equipment
Stun MechaTechnosavantTempest (Pl 7)
Thruster Blast
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