The Manticore is a flying quadrupedal assault mecha designed to take out enemy infantry units with a hailstorm of large-caliber shells. The Manticore has a special tail slot that replaces its belt equipment slot; the tail incorporates a deadly Chrysanthemum laser array.
A Manticore installed with the standard equipment package (see below) has a purchase DC of 45.
Size: Huge (-2 size) Bonus Hit Points: 200
Superstructure: Neovulcanium Hardness: 20
Armor: Crystal carbon Bonus to Defense: +10
Armor Penalty: -8 Reach: 10 ft.
Strength Bonus: +16 Dexterity Penalty: -
Speed: 50 ft., fly 100 ft. (poor) Base Purchase DC: 44
Standard Equipment Package: Pilot's cockpit (torso and helmet), Class IV sensor system (visor), T-95 Cavalcade chaingun (right arm), 6 extra 50-round ammo belts (left arm), Chrysanthemum laser array (tail), jet-assist wings (shoulders), jetpack (back), comm. system (no slots).