Colossal mecha do not exist in PL 6 societies and are rare sights even at PL 7. Only at PL 8 do they leave the experimental stage and enter the battlefield in respectable numbers. Massive juggernauts, Colossal mecha represent the epitome of futuristic warfare, with firepower sufficient to destroy starships or level entire city blocks. They typically serve as mobile artillery and walking weapon platforms.
Combat Statistics: A Colossal mecha adds a +32 equipment bonus to a character's Strength score and a -4 penalty to Dexterity. It imposes a -8 size penalty on attack rolls and to Defense. Depending on the material used, a Colossal mecha has 800 bonus hit points, which are added to the character's total and subtracted first when the character takes damage. It takes a -16 penalty on Hide checks. A Colossal mecha has a single slam attack that deals 4d6 points of damage (plus the character's increased Strength modifier). Its reach is 15 feet.
Base Purchase DC: 60.
Equipment Slots: A Colossal mecha has 25 equipment slots available. These slots are located as follows.
Helmet: 2 slots.
Visor: 1 slot.
Cranium: 1 slot.
Back: 2 slots.
Left arm: 2 slots.
Left hand: 1 slot.
Right arm: 2 slots.
Right hand: 1 slot.
Shoulders: 2 slots.
Torso: 4 slots.
Belt: 2 slots.
Left leg: 2 slots.
Right leg: 2 slots.
Boots: 1 slot.