Size: The mecha's body size (and its size penalty on attack rolls and to Defense, in parentheses).
Bonus Hit Points: The bonus hit points the mecha gives the operator. This value also represents the mecha's total hit points.
Superstructure: The chief material used in the construction of the mecha's superstructure.
Hardness: The hardness afforded by the mecha's superstructure. Hardness reduces the amount of damage the mecha takes from an attack.
Armor: The type of armor installed on the mecha. Some types of armor reduce a mecha's speed.
Bonus to Defense: The mecha's equipment bonus to Defense, as provided by its armor.
Armor Penalty: Apply this penalty to the operator's Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, and Tumble checks.
Reach: The mecha's reach.
Strength Bonus: The equipment bonus the mecha provides to its operator's Strength.
Dexterity Penalty: The penalty the mecha applies to its operator's Dexterity (if any).
Speed: The mecha's base land speed (and fly speed, if applicable).
Base Purchase DC: The mecha's base purchase DC does not include armor or equipment.
Standard Equipment Package: The standard equipment found on the baseline model.