Common weapons on the futuristic battlefield, Huge mecha offer a solid balance between cost, agility, and sheer bulk. They perform well in any combat environment, but they favor locations with some variation in terrain. In the wide-open desert or depths of outer space, they can fall prey larger mecha.
Combat Statistics: A Huge mecha adds a +16 equipment bonus to a character's Strength score. It imposes a -2 size penalty on attack rolls and to Defense. Depending on the material used, a Huge mecha has 200 bonus hit points, which are added to the character's total and subtracted first when the character takes damage. It takes a -8 penalty on Hide checks.
A Huge mecha has a single slam attack that deals 2d6 points of damage (plus the character's increased Strength modifier). Its reach is 10 feet.
Base Purchase DC: 44.
Equipment Slots: A Huge mecha has 11 equipment slots available. These slots are located as follows.
Helmet: 1 slot.
Visor: 1 slot.
Back: 1 slot.
Left arm: 1 slot.
Left hand: 1 slot.
Right arm: 1 slot.
Right hand: 1 slot.
Shoulders: 1 slot.
Torso: 1 slot.
Belt: 1 slot.
Boots: 1 slot.