Essentially big suits of armor, Large mecha excel in urban battlefields and starship boarding actions, where they move through buildings and corridors to find the enemy. Large mecha are the easiest to operate. However, they can't carry the intense array of weapons that bigger mecha can, nor are they as strong or durable.
Combat Statistics: A Large mecha adds a +8 equipment bonus to a character's Strength score. It imposes a -1 size penalty on attack rolls and to Defense. Depending on the material used, a Large mecha has 100 bonus hit points, which are added to the character's total and subtracted first when the character takes damage. It takes a -4 penalty on Hide checks.
A Large mecha has a single slam attack that deals 1d8 points of damage (plus the character's increased Strength modifier). Its reach is 10 feet, and its base speed is 30 feet.
Base Purchase DC: 40.
Equipment Slots: A Large mecha has 7 equipment slots available. These slots are located as follows.
Helmet: 1 slot.
Back: 1 slot.
Left arm: 1 slot.
Right arm: 1 slot.
Shoulders: 1 slot.
Torso: 1 slot.
Boots: 1 slot.
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