By directing your vectored thrusters all around your mecha, you can kick up a cloud of dust and debris that obscures the battlefield.
Prerequisite: Pilot 10 ranks, mecha flight system (either jetpack, thruster boots, or ramjet thruster boots).
Benefit: You can aim your thruster exhaust toward the ground to create a hemispherical cloud. If you are within 30 feet of the ground and there is loose debris or dust, you can create a cloud with a 50-foot radius centered directly below you. The generated winds snuff out small fires and give guided missiles attacking you a -4 penalty on their attack rolls. Creatures without eye protection caught within the debris cloud are blinded while inside it and for 1 round after emerging from it. The debris cloud grants anyone inside it one-half concealment (20% miss chance). Mecha with sensor systems ignore the concealment effects.
Because some mecha have vectored thrust systems, their flight path isn't affected by the aim of the exhaust. They don't have to hover or fly upward to create the cloud.
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