The Tempest is a heavy support mecha, designed to work alongside tanks and other heavy armored vehicles, or as the centerpiece of smaller mecha platoons.
A Tempest installed with the standard equipment package (see below) has a purchase DC of 49.
Size: Gargantuan (-4 size) Bonus Hit Points: 450
Superstructure: Neovulcanium Hardness: 20
Armor: Crystal carbon Bonus to Defense: +10
Armor Penalty: -8 Reach: 15 ft.
Strength Bonus: +24 Dexterity Penalty: -2
Speed: 50 ft., fly 150 ft. (average) Base Purchase DC: 48
Standard Equipment Package: Pilot's cockpit (torso and belt), Mark III Oracle targeting system (visor), Class IV sensor system (cranium), jet-assist wings (back), Tsunami 480 plasma cannon (left hand, left shoulder, and helmet), Bulwark tactical shield (left arm), M-87 Talon missile launcher (right shoulder), 4-pack of M-87 Talon missiles (right arm), XJ-A Python electro-whip (right hand), HV-5 Haven escape pod (torso), life support system (left leg), thruster boots (boots), 50-hp structural enhancement (1 slot equivalent), comm system (no slots).