Mecha equipment falls into several categories: flight systems, sensor systems, defense systems, weapons (both hand-held and integrated), and miscellaneous systems.
Installing a piece of equipment on a mecha-be it a weapon or some other integrated system-requires a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 20). The check is made after investing an amount of time determined by the mecha's size: Large 10 minutes, Huge 30 minutes, Gargantuan 1 hour, Colossal 3 hours. If the weapon or system occupies more than one equipment slot on the mecha, multiply the installation time by the number of slots it takes up. An integrated weapon or system can be removed in half the time with a successful Repair check (DC 20).
In addition to a general description, each piece of equipment includes the following information:
Equipment Slots: The number of equipment slots needed to install the equipment. Some pieces of equipment are limited to specific body slots, as noted here.
Activation: How long it takes to activate the piece of equipment (usually an attack action).
Range/Range Increment: A range listing indicates the maximum distance out to which the equipment functions. If a range increment is listed instead, it represents the distance at which accuracy begins to decline, as per the rules on range increments.
Unless otherwise noted, equipment with a range increment has a maximum of ten increments.
Target or Targets/Effect/Area: This entry starts with one of three headings: Target, Effect, or Area. If the target of the component is You, you do not receive a saving throw (and there is no saving throw entry for the piece of equipment). If a component is a weapon capable of autofire, it will be noted here.
Duration: The amount of time a piece of equipment continues to operate before it needs to be reactivated, or how long its effect lasts. A duration of persistent means the equipment functions until the mecha is destroyed (reduced to 0 hit points) or the mecha's operator turns it off (usually as a free action).
Saving Throw: If a piece of equipment calls for a saving throw, the type of saving throw is listed here, along with the effect of a successful save.
Purchase DC: The purchase DC for the Wealth check to acquire the equipment.
Restriction: The level of license required to purchase the equipment legally.
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