Mecha operators use the Drive skill to operate their mecha on the ground and the Pilot skill to operate their mecha in the air or in space.
In general, mecha operators don't need to make Drive or Pilot checks to steer their mecha around the battlefield. However, these skills may come into play in combat under the following circumstances:
• When trying to move past a foe without provoking an attack of opportunity, a mecha operator can make a Drive check or Pilot check (as appropriate) instead of a Tumble check.
• A mecha operator can oppose a trip attempt with a Drive check (if on the ground) or a Pilot check (if in the air).
• A successful Pilot check can pull a mecha out of a stall (see Flying Mecha, below).
• A character in a copilot cockpit can use the aid another action, making Drive or Pilot checks (as appropriate) to aid the Drive and Pilot checks of the mecha's operator.