You can use this skill to repair vehicles, starships, mecha, cybernetic attachments, and constructs (including robots). You can also use the Repair skill to safely remove the "brain" of a destroyed robot.
Check: Repairing damage to a vehicle, starship, or mecha takes 1 hour of work, a mechanical tool kit, and a proper facility such as a workshop or hangar bay. (Without a tool kit, you take a -4 penalty on your Repair check.) At the end of the hour, make a Repair check (DC 20). Success repairs 2d6 points of damage. If damage remains, you may continue to make repairs for as many hours as it takes to restore the vehicle or starship to full hit points.
The same rules apply to robots, other constructs, and cybernetic attachments, except that each successful application of the Repair skill restores 1d10 points of damage (instead of 2d6), and the Repair check is more difficult to achieve (DC 30).
This skill may also be used to transplant the "brain" of a destroyed robot into a similar but intact robot frame. See the Robot Resurrection for more information on robotic brain transplants.
Special: A vehicle, starship, cybernetic attachment, mecha, robot, or other construct that is reduced to 0 hp cannot be repaired. It can be salvaged for parts, however (see the Salvage feat description).
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