Two kinds of cybernetic attachments exist: replacements and enhancements.
Replacements: Replacements are prosthetic or artificial units intended to replace lost limbs and damaged organs. Common replacements provide no benefits other than duplicating the essential functions of their biological counterparts, and they present little strain on the beneficiary's overall well-being. In appearance, a cybernetic replacement can be recognizably artificial or virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
Enhancements: Enhancements bestow new abilities or improve the recipient in some fashion. Enhancements include skeletal reinforcement, subcutaneous communications hardware, and weapon mounts. Some enhancements have visible external components, while others are hidden beneath the skin. Enhancements put more of a drain on the body's resources, and recipients frequently suffer debilitating physical or mental side effects.


Cybernetic attachments are complex instruments with both electrical and mechanical components. Consequently, a character must have the Craft Cybernetics feat to build a cybernetic attachment.
Repairing a damaged or nonfunctional cybernetic attachment requires 10 hours of work and a successful Repair check (DC 25). A character needs both an electrical tool kit and a mechanical tool kit to facilitate repairs. Without one or the another, a character takes a -4 penalty on the check; without both kits, the penalty increases to -8.


Installing or removing a cybernetic attachment, regardless of whether it's a replacement or enhancement, requires a successful Treat Injury check. A character with the Cybernetic Surgery feat suffers no penalty on the check.
Removing a cybernetic attachment without proper surgery causes lasting physical trauma to the patient's body, dealing 1d4 points of permanent Constitution drain.


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