Internal Weapon Mount (PL 7)

The recipient has a subcutaneous weapon embedded in her body, usually in a prosthetic forearm or hand. The weapon extends from the prosthesis and is visible when in use.
Benefit: The recipient has a melee or ranged weapon hidden under her skin. Attempts to disarm the recipient of the attached weapon automatically fail, and the weapon itself cannot be attacked unless it is extended. Extending or retracting the weapon is a free action.
Spotting a subcutaneous weapon requires a successful Spot check opposed by the recipient's Sleight of Hand check. The weapon's size applies a modifier to the Sleight of Hand check.
Type: Internal.
Hardness/Hit Points: 10/5 (mount only).
Base Purchase DC: Melee weapon mount 17, ranged weapon mount 19 (the purchase DC does not include the prosthesis or weapon).
Restriction: Military (+3).