Injector Unit (PL 6)

This unit, attached the recipient's forearm or thigh, incorporates three medical hypo-syringes. Upon command, the unit can inject any or all of the medicinal substances into the recipient's bloodstream.
Benefit: The injector unit has three built-in hypos, and each hypo holds a single dose of one of the following medicinal chemicals: antitox (PL 6), boost (PL 6), neutrad (PL 6), sporekill (PL 6), or biocort (PL 7). As a free action during his turn, the recipient can contract his muscles to inject himself with any or all of these hypos, gaining the benefits immediately. A drained hypo can be removed and replaced as a full-round action.
Type: External.
Hardness/Hit Points: 2/5.
Base Purchase DC: 15 (medical hypos must be purchased separately).
Restriction: Licensed (+1).