Robot Resurrection

A robot's core programming and experiences are contained within its central processor-its brain. The brain's "drive to survive" is determined by its force of personality, as represented by the robot's Charisma.
Whenever a robot is destroyed (reduced to 0 or fewer hit points), some brain degradation occurs. Each time its body is destroyed, the robot suffers a permanent drain of 1 point of Charisma. The brain ceases to function and the robot "dies" if its Charisma drops to 0 as the result of a permanent ability drain.
If a robot has at least 1 point of Charisma left after its body is destroyed, its brain can be removed and transplanted into another robot of the same size and frame. Removing a robot's brain from a destroyed frame and installing it in a similar but intact frame requires 10 minutes of work, a mechanical tool kit, and a successful Repair check; the Repair check DC varies by frame type (see below). Not using a tool kit imposes a -4 penalty on the Repair check.
A robot that gains a new body retains the memories of its previous "life," as well as any previously installed skill software and feat software. It also retains any previously installed mental ability score upgrades (see Ability Upgrades). It does not retain the previous frame's armor, locomotive means, manipulators, sensors, physical ability score upgrades, accessories, or mounted weapons, as these were all destroyed.
Robot Frame
Repair Check DC
Armature or Biomorph
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