Nonheroic robots, like constructs, do not gain feats. However, at Progress Level 6 or higher, they can be programmed with software that enables them to emulate feats.
Feat software (often called "featware") is usually embedded in the robot's central processor or "brain" and can be salvaged after the robot is destroyed (see Robot Resurrection sidebar. This is not true of feat webs, however (see below).
To write feat software from scratch, a character must possess whatever feats the software is designed to emulate. The character obtains the necessary software components by making a Wealth check against the software's purchase DC. He must then succeed at a Computer Use check (DC 30) after investing 12 hours in the software's creation.
Feat Prerequisites: Regardless of the quality of its feat software, a robot cannot emulate a feat if it does not meet the feat's prerequisites.
Sophisticated emulation software encased in a thin but durable plastic casing, a feat progit is installed in the robot's central processing unit and enables the robot to gain a single feat.
A robot can have a number of feat progits equal to 1 + one-third its Hit Dice (rounded down).
A feat progit can be erased and reprogrammed with 12 hours of work and a successful Computer Use check (DC 30).
Purchase DC: 20.
A feat net consists of a series of interlocking programs that allow the robot to emulate multiple feats. A feat net holds as many as four feats.
A robot can have multiple feat nets, but the total number of feats a robot can have installed cannot exceed 1 + one-third the robot's Hit Dice (rounded down).
The biggest advantage of the feat net over the feat progit is that you only make one Wealth check to purchase a feat net, whereas buying individual feat progits requires separate Wealth checks. A feat net can be reprogrammed one feat at a time. Replacing one feat with another requires 12 hours of work and a successful Computer Use check (DC 30).
Purchase DC: 15 (one feat), 17 (two feats), 19 (three feats), 20 (four feats).
A feat web allows a robot with ordinary class levels to gain feats as normal for its class. The feat web expands as the robot advances in level. An integral component of the robot, it cannot be salvaged if the droid is destroyed.
A feat web's feats cannot be altered except through level advancement.
Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the robot's frame.
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