Nothing less than a mobile weapons platform, the Paragon dominates any battlefield and can lay waste to entire armies. In space, it can fight toe-to-toe with armed starships.
A Paragon installed with the standard equipment package (see below) has a purchase DC of 61.
Size: Colossal (-8 size) Bonus Hit Points: 900
Superstructure: Megatanium Hardness: 30
Armor: Megatanium Bonus to Defense: +12
Armor Penalty: -10 Reach: 15 ft.
Strength Bonus: +32 Dexterity Penalty: -4
Speed: 50 ft., fly 200 ft. (poor) Base Purchase DC: 60
Standard Equipment Package: Advanced diagnostics (helmet), Class V sensor system (helmet), Crackerjack neural link (cranium), Mark IV Oracle targeting system (visor), jet-assist wings (back), Avenger electro-scimitar (left hand), Barricade tactical shield (right arm), M-300 Rhino mass cannon (right hand and right arm), M-87 Talon missile launcher (left shoulder), 2 4-packs of M-87 Talon missiles (left arm), M-70 EMP rocket launcher (right shoulder), 2 6-packs of M-70 EMP rockets (torso), HV-5 Haven escape pod (torso), zero-G stabilizer (torso), Mark II deflection field (belt), life support system (left leg), ramjet thruster boots (boots), 100-hp structural enhancement (2 slots equivalent), light fortification (1 slot equivalent), space skin (1 slot equivalent).