Shadowkind characters share several traits, as noted below.

Creature of Shadow

Creatures brought to our world by Shadow are reclaimed by the tides of Shadow after they die. As a general rule, a creature of Shadow vanishes 1d4 rounds after it dies (drops to -10 hit points), leaving behind no trace of itself other than its clothing and equipment. Shadowkind heroes have stronger ties to our world than other creatures of Shadow; they fade away 1d4 hours after they die. Before they disappear, slain Shadowkind characters can be raised from the dead as easily as mundane characters can. Slain creatures of Shadow that are transformed into undead creatures remain on our world in their undead state and are not reclaimed by Shadow until they are destroyed.
A slain Shadowkind character who is reclaimed by Shadow can't be raised from the dead or brought back by any means and is considered lost.
A Shadowkind character is treated as a "creature of Shadow" with regard to special abilities, spells, and psionic powers that affect creatures of Shadow.
Strong 2 + Int modifier
Fast 4 + Int modifier
Tough 2 + Int modifier
Smart 8 + Int modifier
Dedicated 4 + Int modifier
Charismatic 6 + Int modifier
Advanced Class Skill Points Per Level
Soldier 4 + Int modifier
Martial Artist 2 + Int modifier
Gunslinger 4 + Int modifier
Infiltrator 6 + Int modifier
Daredevil 4 + Int modifier
Bodyguard 2 + Int modifier
Field Scientist 6 + Int modifier
Techie 6 + Int modifier
Field Medic 4 + Int modifier
Investigator 4 + Int modifier
Personality 4 + Int modifier
Negotiator 4 + Int modifier
Acolyte 4 + Int modifier
Arcane Arranger 6 + Int modifier
Archaic Weaponsmaster 2 + Int modifier
Glamourist 4 + Int modifier
Mage 6 + Int modifier
Mystic 4 + Int modifier
Occultist 4 + Int modifier
Shadow Hunter 4 + Int modifier
Shadowjack 6 + Int modifier
Shadow Slayer 2 + Int modifier
Speed Demon 4 + Int modifier
Street Warrior 4 + Int modifier
Swashbuckler 4 + Int modifier
Techno Mage 6 + Int modifier
Thrasher 2 + Int modifier
Wildlord 4 + Int modifier
Prestige Class Skill Points Per Level
Archmage 6 + Int modifier
Artificer 6 + Int modifier
Ecclesiarch 4 + Int modifier
Holy/Unholy Knight 4 + Int modifier

Skill Points Per Level

Shadowkind characters do not gain as many skill points as a human character of the same class. Shadowkind characters get 4 fewer skill points at 1st level and 1 fewer skill point each level thereafter.

Native Shadowkind vs. New Arrivals

Characters can be nonhuman natives of our world-the children of one or more Shadowkind parents, born and raised somewhere on Earth-or they can be new arrivals to our world, having recently come through Shadow. In the latter case, Shadowkind characters suffer the disadvantages of being "strangers in a strange land." They are restricted to a handful of starting occupations at 1st level, they have no wealth to speak of, and they speak bizarre languages unknown to the majority of Earth's population (though they also acquire the common language of the land they arrive in as a function of passing through Shadow).

Starting Occupation

A character who begins play as a newly arrived Shadowkind must select from the following starting occupations: hedge wizard, noviate, and squire. In addition, regardless of the Wealth bonus provided by the starting occupation, see Starting Wealth Bonus, below.
Only humans and Shadowkind characters born and raised in our mundane world can select from all starting occupations.

Starting Wealth Bonus

A character who begins play as a newly arrived Shadowkind has a starting Wealth bonus of +2 to +12 (roll 2d6). However, the character must spend this entire Wealth bonus on personal gear typical of a medieval fantasy character (such as archaic weapons and armor). Any portion of the character's Wealth bonus that goes unspent is lost; in effect, the character begins play with some primitive personal items and equipment and a starting Wealth bonus of +0.
Shadowkind characters born and raised in our world follow the normal rules for determining Wealth bonus.

Languages Known

A character who begins play as a newly arrived Shadowkind knows one or more languages, most of which are not spoken on Earth. Such languages include Celestial, Draconic, Elven, and Goblin. However, they all share a common language (called Common) that has striking parallels to the predominant language spoken in the area where they arrived. Shadowkind characters born and raised in our world gain languages as human characters do. In addition to one or more local languages, they may know one or more languages of Shadow (taught to them by their parents and elders).