The listings for the Telepath and Battle Mind are expanded to include the list presented here. Individuals who qualify may take the Artificer prestige class. However, they may only make psionic items and/or items with psionic powers stored within them.


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Arcane ArrangerCatapsiClass Features
Class InformationDelay Power [Metapsionic]Efreeti
Expanded Battle Mind PowersExpanded Telepath PowersFly
Freedom Of MovementGlamouristHeighten Power [Metapsionic]
Hide Power [Metapsionic]IdentifyMemory Block
Metamagic FeatsMindwipeMindwreckers
Paranormal Science And Investigation AgencyPersistent Power [Metapsionic]Playing A Shadowkind
Psionic Agent PowersPsionic BlankPsionic Power Descriptions
Psionic SkillsPsychicQuartz Compulsion
Shadow HunterSidheSilent Walkers
The EnlightenmentVrockWild Talent
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