Memory Block

Level: Telepath 4; Display: Visual, Audible; Manifestation Time: 1 action; Range: Touch; Target: One living creature; Duration: 1 day + 1 hour/level; Saving Throw: Will negates; Power Resistance: Yes; Power Points: 10
You form a psionic barrier within the target's memory, creating near total amnesia. The target cannot remember his name or any pertinent facts about his life. It has no effect on his ability to form new memories.
Memory block has no effect on the target's physical skills and abilities; through instinct, he is able to do everything he was before. GMs may require an Intelligence check (DC 15 + assailant's Telepath level) before allowing a character to use particularly complex pieces of equipment.
For the duration of the memory block, victims cannot perform any Knowledge checks and have a penalty to any Research checks equal to the Telepath level of the character who manifested this effect.