Below is a collection of organizations. Each entry briefly discusses who the organization's members are, what the organization does (and why it does it), and what privileges membership grants characters (as well as whether or not the organization is suitable for heroes to join).


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Cirque Des MoitieCommission For Research Into Unexplained PhenomenaDepartment-7
Departmental GearDr. Astrid KolgrimFraternal Order Of Vigilance
Institute For Continuous EducationInternational Guild Of LaborersKnightly Order Of St. Bartholomew
Markova Enterprises, Intl.MindwreckersParanormal Science And Investigation Agency
Silent WalkersStreet WarriorSwiss Juncture Of Gnomes
The Black FeathersThe DisplacedThe Enlightenment
The FellowshipThe Prancing Pony
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