You swear undying allegiance to a person, group, organization, nation, planet, stellar empire, ethical philosophy, moral philosophy, or belief system. By doing so, you can better influence others who share your allegiance and more effectively oppose those who don't.
Prerequisites: At least one declared allegiance.
Benefit: Choose one of your allegiances. The allegiance you select becomes your primary allegiance and cannot be broken, except by you. The strength of your allegiance enables you to better assist other beings who have the same allegiance; if your aid another attempt succeeds, your ally gains a +3 circumstance bonus (instead of +2) on his skill check result or attack roll. Your dedication also grants you a +1 bonus on attack rolls made against creatures that do not have this allegiance.
Special: You cannot apply the benefits of this feat to multiple allegiances. If you break your oathbound allegiance, you forever lose the benefits of this feat but may take the feat again and apply the benefits to a new allegiance.
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