The mundane world is full of charitable organizations, civic help groups, and other resources for people helping other people. No one is really certain whether or not this was as prevalent on the other side of Shadow, but Shadowkind have adopted it since arriving in our world.
The Displaced is an umbrella organization that provides aid, assistance, and information to people and intelligent creatures from beyond Shadow-particularly during their difficult first few months of transition. They help their clients learn about their new environment, teach them the social customs, and introduce them to other Shadow creatures (as well as mundanes who are Shadow friendly).
The group has a significant budget, generated through donations and fundraisers. (Local governments and philanthropic organizations want nothing to do with the Displaced, whom they see as a group of fantasy and science fiction fans who like to pretend they are trolls and elves.) The group uses this money to sponsor halfway houses, free clinics, job placement services, and other community outreach programs.
While the Displaced is an international organization, each local chapter functions autonomously. A large urban area may have as many as twenty or thirty chapters (one for each distinct neighborhood in the city), and they tend to work closely together. So no matter where a Shadow creature goes in the mundane world, he or she knows that the insignia of the displaced means a safe haven and a helping hand.
It is completely appropriate for heroes (particularly Shadowkind heroes) to belong to the Displaced. Even if they don't belong, many parties will want to help this organization from time to time. Most of the Displaced's money goes into their programs, so they do not have much left to spend on requisitioning equipment. Level checks for this purpose receive a -3 penalty. However, they will always volunteer to let heroes use any equipment at any of their facilities, as long as it is for a service that will aid the Shadow community.
Friends of the Displaced
Members of the organization receive a small booklet containing the contact information for local organizations, companies, and individuals that have promised support of one kind or another. Each listing provides a name, address, phone number, email, and gives a short description of what sort of aid the a visitor can expect (as well as any caveats, exceptions, or rules of behavior that must be obeyed).
Each city or region has its own version of the booklet, and Shadowkind who are new to an area must find the local central office of the Displaced in order to pick one up. Some offices make their booklets available online but, in deference to supporting businesses and individuals using mundane facades, it is usually necessary to get a printed version.