Requisitioning Equipment

When a hero working for Department-7 needs more equipment than he or she has on hand, the hero may try to requisition it. Department-7 evaluates whether the character really needs the object, how soon the agency can supply it, and whether the agency can reasonably expect to get it back when the hero is done with it.
The result is determined by a level check (1d20 + character level) against a DC equal to the equipment's purchase DC. Add the character's Charisma bonus to the check. Table: Requisition Modifiers lists modifiers that may affect the check.
The result of the check determines whether and how quickly Department-7 can provide the hero with the requested equipment. With a success, the object is issued to the hero. Generally, it takes 24 hours to obtain an object through requisition, but if the object is especially common, or if the hero beats the check DC by 5 or more, it is available in 1d4 hours.
Requisitioned objects are loaned, not given, to the hero. Obviously, expendable objects like ammunition don't have to be returned if used.
Table: Requisition Modifiers
Situation Modifier
Object is necessary for assignment +6
Object has obvious application for assignment +4
Object has peripheral application for assignment +2
Object has no obvious application for assignment -2
Object is rare -2
Object restriction
Licensed -2
Restricted -4
Military -6
Illegal -8
Hero is skilled or proficient in use of object +2
Hero returned all gear undamaged on previous mission +2
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