Mundanes may not be able to recognize creatures of Shadow for what they are, but they do notice the rise in unusual incidents and unidentifiable materials. In response to a recent sudden increase in the number of reports being filed with police on such varied subjects as ghosts, UFOs, monstrous humanoids, and psychic episodes the United States Congress decided to take action. The Joint Committee on Homeland Security created a special commission to do in-depth fact finding.
The senators and representatives called into service one of the country's top experts on the exotic species, Dr. Astrid Kolgrim, to lead the Commission for Research into Unexplained Phenomena, usually just referred to as C.R.U.P. Through C.R.U.P., Dr. Kolgrim can commandeer personnel and materials from various government agencies including the FBI, Center for Disease Control, Office of Homeland Security, Immigration and Naturalization Services, and Internal Revenue Service among many others. She usually works with a small team of scientists and agents, but transfers them out every month or two so that she is the only truly permanent member of the Commission.
Several government organizations (including the NSA and the Departments of Justice and the Interior) are opposed to C.R.U.P., or more correctly, they desire that Dr. Kolgrim be placed under their direct control rather than wandering around as a free agent. Meanwhile, C.R.U.P. goes on investigating all sorts of incidents related to Shadow. Dr. Kolgrim is able to recognize creatures of Shadow for what they are. Unfortunately, the Senators and Representatives for the most part are not. Still, they consider the information C.R.U.P. gathers to be useful, even if they feel differently about the conclusions the Commission draws.
It is certainly possible for heroes to be recruited as members of C.R.U.P., especially if they work for other branches of the government. However it is more likely for them to form a good working relationship with Dr. Kolgrim after their paths cross on different occasions. On the other hand, it is also possible that they might develop a personal antagonism with the doctor if things go badly.
Commission Archives
Members of C.R.U.P. have access to the U.S. government files on all manner of unexplained phenomena, as well as hoaxes and attempts to defraud or hoodwink the American people. Any information gathered by the FBI, CIA, NSC, or other publicly-known branches of the government are open to their inspection. (At the GM's discretion, C.R.U.P. may not have access to files from Department- 7, the Paranormal Science and Investigation Agency, and other highly classified organizations.)
Making use of the archives provides a +4 equipment bonus on all Research and Knowledge checks.