When a character is exposed to a treatable disease, the character must make an immediate Fortitude saving throw. The victim must make this roll when he or she comes into contact with an infectious carrier, touches an item smeared with diseased matter, consumes food or drink tainted with a disease, or suffers damage from a contaminated attack. If the character succeeds, the disease has no effect on him or her-the character's immune system fights off the infection. If the character fails the save, he or she takes damage after an incubation period; once per day thereafter, the character must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw to avoid secondary damage. Two successful saving throws in a row indicate that the character has fought off the disease and recovers, taking no more damage.
The characteristics of some treatable diseases are summarized on Table: Diseases.
Type: The disease's method of delivery-ingested, inhaled, or via an injury-and the DC needed to save. Some injury diseases can be transmitted by a wound as small as an insect bite. Most diseases that are inhaled can also be ingested (and vice versa).
Incubation Period: The amount of time before initial damage takes effect (if the victim fails his or her Fortitude save).
Initial Damage: The damage the victim takes after the incubation period.
Secondary Damage: The amount of damage the hero takes one day after taking initial damage, if he or she fails a second saving throw. This damage is taken each day the saving throw fails.
Table: Diseases
Disease Type Incubation Period Initial Damage Secondary Damage
Anthrax Inhaled/Injury DC 16 1d2 days 1 Con 1d4 Con*
Small pox Inhaled/Contact DC 15 2d4 days 1 Str and 1 Con 1d2 Str and 1d2 Con
Pneumonia Inhaled DC 12 1d4 days 1 Str 1d3 Str and 1d3 Con
Hantavirus Injury DC 14 1 day 1d2 Str 1d2 Str* and 1d2 Con*
Necrotizing faciitis Contact DC 13 1d6 days 1 Con 1d3 Con*
West Nile virus Injury DC 12 1d4 days 1 Dex and 1 Con 1d2 Dex and 1d2 Con*
Salmonellosis Ingested DC 13 1 day 1 Str and 1 Dex 1 Str and 1d3 Dex
*If damage is sustained, make a second saving throw to avoid 1 point being permanently drained (instead of damaged).
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