0-Level Telepath Powers
Burst (Dex): Speed improves by 10 feet for 1 round.
Daze (Cha): Target loses next action.
Detect Psionics (Wis): Manifester can detect the presence of psionic activity.
Distract (Cha): Target's mind wanders, imparting a -1 penalty on certain actions.
Far Hand (Con): Minor telekinesis.
Finger of Fire (Int): Deal 1d3 fire damage to target.
Missive (Cha): Send a one-way telepathic message.
Verve (Str): Gain 1 temporary hit point.
1st-Level Telepath Powers
Attraction (Cha): Target develops an attraction the manifester specifies.
Charm Person (Cha): Makes target manifester's friend.
Control Object (Con): Telekinetically animate a small object.
Lesser Body Adjustment (Str): Heal 1d8 hp, or gain +1 bonus on next Fortitude save to resist poison or disease, or heal 1 point of ability damage.
Lesser Mindlink (Cha): Forge a limited mental bond with target.
Object Reading (Wis): Reveal an object's past.
2nd-Level Telepath Powers
Brain Lock (Cha): Target can't move or take any mental actions.
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (Wis): Hear or see at a distance.
Detect Thoughts (Cha): Detect target's surface thoughts.
Inflict Pain (Cha): Mental attack deals 3d6 damage to target.
Levitate (Dex): Target moves up or down at manifester's direction.
Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions (Wis): Reveal an area's past.
Suggestion (Cha): Compels target to follow suggested action.
3rd-Level Telepath Powers
False Sensory Input (Cha): Falsify one of the target's senses.
Lesser Domination (Cha): Forces target to obey manifester's will.
Mental Blast (Cha): Target stunned for 3d4 rounds.
Mindlink (Cha): Forge a mental bond with others.
Negate Psionics (Con): Cancels psionic powers and effects.
4th-Level Telepath Powers
Domination (Cha): Subject obeys manifester's will.
Forced Mindlink (Cha): Forge mental bond with unwilling target.
Tailor Memory (Cha): Plant false memory in target.
Telekinesis (Con): Lift or move 25 pounds per level at long range.
5th-Level Telepath Powers
Mindprobe (Cha): Discover a target's secret thoughts.
Power Resistance (Wis): Target gains power resistance 12.
Sending (Dex): Deliver short message anywhere instantly.