Each psionic power has a range, as listed in the power description. A power's range is the maximum distance from the psionic character that the power's effect can occur. The range categories are the same as the ones used for spells.
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Arcane SpellsCasting TimeConcussion
Detect Magical AuraDetect PsionicsDetect Thoughts
Dimension DoorDiscern LiesDivine Spells
Far HandFireballFragmentation Grenade Of Distance:
Invisibility SphereKeen Chain Saw:Keen Edge
Lesser ConcussionLesser DominationLightning Bolt
Locate ObjectMage HandMagic Mouth
Manifestation TimeMessageMind Darts
Mind ProbeMissivePower Failure
Power FailureRing Of The Ram:Six-Demon Bag:
Spell FailureTelekinesisTelekinesis
Telepath PowersTrue Seeing
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