Psionic Powers

A psionic power is a one-time psionic effect manifested by a psionic character or creature. Psionic powers require power points to use, although naturally psionic creatures can manifest their powers a certain number of times per day with no power point cost.
Each psionic power is tied to a specific ability, which is the key ability for that psionic power. A psionic character must have a key ability score equal to at least 10 + the power's level to manifest a particular power.
Unlike arcane spellcasters, psionic characters don't have spellbooks and they don't prepare their powers ahead of time. A psionic character's level limits the number of power points available for manifesting powers. A psionic character has a set number of powers available that he may manifest at will, provided he has sufficient power points to pay for the manifestation.
A power manifests when the psionic character pays its power point cost. The character pays the cost, and the power manifests immediately.
Psionic powers don't require special gestures, words, or materials. They operate as thoughts made manifest. Most powers do have a noticeable display associated with their use, however.
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