The relative strength of a power is indicated by its level-1st-level powers are more powerful than 0-level powers, and so on. A power's level also indicates whether a particular psionic character is capable of using the power, based on the character's class level and key ability score. See the Telepath and Battle Mind class descriptions.
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AidAnimate DeadArcane Eye
Arcane LockArcane Magical WritingsArcane Spells
BlessBlurBrain Lock
Break EnchantmentBurning HandsCasting Time
Change SelfCharged Nunchaku:Charm Person
Chemical Light Stick Of Revealing:ClairaudienceClairvoyanceClaws Of The Bear
CloudkillCombat PrecognitionCombat Prescience
Comprehend LanguagesConcussionCone Of Cold
ConfusionControl ObjectCreate Water
Crystal Pistol:Cure Critical WoundsCure Light Wounds
Cure Moderate WoundsCure Serious WoundsDarkvision
DarkvisionDelay PoisonDetect Magical Aura
Detect PsionicsDetect ThoughtsDimension Door
Discern LiesDispel MagicDisplacement
DistractDivine SpellsDomination
Duct Tape Of Repair:DurationEnergy Trap
Enhance AbilityFaith's FuryFalse Sensory Input
FearFeather FallFire Storm
FireballFlaming Machete:Flaming Projectiles
Flaming WrathForced MindlinkFragmentation Grenade Of Distance:
Freedom Of MovementFx Item DescriptionsFx Item Saving Throws
Gauntlet Of Lightning:GlitterdustGlyph Of Warding
Greater BioweaponGreater CommandGreater Magic Weapon
Halt UndeadHasteHold Monster
Hold PersonHold PortalHoly Crossbow:
Ice StormIcethrower:Illusory Concealable Vest:
Inflict Critical WoundsInflict Light WoundsInflict Moderate Wounds
Inflict PainInflict Serious WoundsInsect Plague
Interrupting Fx UsersInvisibility SphereInvisibility
Jade Crocodile:JumpKeen Chain Saw:
Keen EdgeKey AbilityKey Ability
KnockLeather Jacket Of Damage Reduction:Lesser Bioweapon
Lesser ConcussionLesser DominationLesser Mindlink
Lightning BoltLightning StrikeLocate Object
Mage ArmorMagic MissileMagic Mouth
Magic WeaponManifesting A PowerMass Cure Light Wounds
Mass Inflict Light WoundsMessageMetaphysical Weapon
Mind DartsMind ProbeMindlink
Minor Globe Of InvulnerabilityNatural ArmorNegate Psionics
Neutralize PoisonObject ReadingPasswall
Phantom WatchdogPotion Of Charisma:Potion Of Constitution:
Potion Of Darkvision:Potion Of Dexterity:Potion Of Intelligence:
Potion Of Invisibility:Potion Of See Invisibility:Potion Of Stealth:
Potion Of Strength:Potion Of Truth:Potion Of Wisdom:
PotionsPower DevicePower Lists
Power Point CostPower Point CostPower Points
PrayerProtection From Arrows/BulletsPsionic Powers
Raise DeadRay Of FatigueRead Magic
Remove CurseResist EnergyRestoration
Ring Of Energy Resistance 15:Ring Of Jumping:Ring Of The Ram:
RingsRunning Shoes Of Striding And Springing:Saving Throw
Saving Throws Against Fx ItemsSchoolScreaming Amulet:
Scroll Of Fireball:Scroll Of Neutralize Poison:Scroll Of Raise Dead:
ScrollsSearing LightSee Invisibility
Sensitivity To Psychic ImpressionsShatterShield Of Faith
Six-Demon Bag:SleepSlow
SpellsSpider ClimbStaff Of Fire:
Staff Of Illumination:Staff Of The Mind's Eye:Staffs
Tailor MemoryTarget, Effect, AreaTattoo Of Body Adjustment:
Tattoo Of Natural Armor:Tattoo Of Spider Climb:Tattoos
TelekinesisTelekinesisTelepath Powers
TonguesTrue SeeingUndercover Vest Of Landing:
Using Fx ItemsVigorWall Of Fire
Wall Of ForceWall Of IceWall Of Iron
Wall Of StoneWand Of Animate Dead:Wand Of Knock:
Wand Of Web:WandsWater Breathing
WebWhitefireWindbreaker Of Resistance:
Wondrous ItemsWounding Handgun:Zone Of Truth
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