Energy Trap

Level: Mage 4; Components: V, S, M; Casting Time: 10 minutes; Range: Touch; Target: Object touched; Duration: Permanent until discharged (D); Saving Throw: Reflex half (see text); Spell Resistance: Yes
Energy trap creates an explosion of one energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic/concussion) when an intruder opens the item that the trap wards. The energy trap can ward any closeable item. When casting energy trap, the caster selects the energy type and a point on the item as the spell's center. When someone other than the caster opens the item, the resulting explosion fills the area within a 5-foot radius around the spell's center. The energy blast deals 1d4 points of damage (of the given energy type) +1 point per caster level. The item protected by the trap is not harmed by this explosion.
The warded item cannot have a second closure or warding spell placed on it.
An unsuccessful dispel magic spell does not detonate the spell.
Underwater, the acid and fire versions of this spell deal half damage.
The caster can use the trapped object without discharging it, as can any individual to whom the spell was specifically attuned when cast. "Attuning" to an individual usually involves denoting a password that the caster can share with friends.
A successful Search check (DC 29) finds an energy trap, and a successful Disable Device check (DC 29) safely removes it.
Material Components: Purchase DC 10.