Wondrous Items

Wondrous items include anything that doesn't fall into the other groups, including jewelry, tools, books, clothing, and gadgets.
Unless noted otherwise, activating a wondrous item takes an attack action and does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Wondrous items are activated by command word or use-activated.
Purchase DC: A wondrous item's purchase DC is 25 + the item's caster level + its FX modifier. The FX modifier depends on the item's nature, as shown on the table below:
Item's Nature
FX Modifier
Single-use item
Continuous effect or bonus 1
Limited number of uses per day
Limited number of charges
1 See Limit on FX Items Worn. A continuous effect item that does not take up one of these limited spaces has a +4 FX modifier (instead of +3).
Examples of wondrous items include the following.
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Casting TimeChemical Light Stick Of Revealing:Crystal Pistol:
Duct Tape Of Repair:Fx ItemsGauntlet Of Lightning:
Icethrower:Jade Crocodile:Leather Jacket Of Damage Reduction:
Running Shoes Of Striding And Springing:Screaming Amulet:Six-Demon Bag:
Windbreaker Of Resistance:
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