The items described here represent special clothing types, or unusual outfits that a character might need to purchase.
For the most part, clothing choice is based on character concept. It's generally assumed that a hero owns a reasonable wardrobe of the sorts of clothes that fit his or her lifestyle. Sometimes, however, a character might need something out of the ordinary. When that's the case, he or she will have to purchase it like any other piece of gear. Clothes have two effects on game mechanics: one on Disguise checks, and one on Sleight of Hand checks.
First, clothing is part of a disguise. See the Disguise skill description for more on how appropriate dress affects Disguise checks.
Clothes also help to hide firearms, body armor, and small objects. Tightly tailored clothing imposes a penalty on an attempt to conceal an object; clothing purposely tailored to conceal objects provides a bonus.
Clothing Outfit
An outfit of clothing represents everything a character needs to dress a part: pants or skirt, shirt, undergarments, appropriate shoes or boots, socks or stockings, and any necessary belt or suspenders. The clothes a character wears does not count against the weight limit for encumbrance.
Business: A business outfit generally includes a jacket or blazer, and it tends to look sharp and well groomed without being overly formal.
Casual: Casual clothes range from cut-off jeans and a T-shirt to neatly pressed khakis and a hand-knit sweater.
Formal: From a little black dress to a fully appointed tuxedo, formal clothes are appropriate for "black tie" occasions. Special designer creations can have purchase DCs much higher than shown on the table.
Fatigues: Called "battle dress uniforms" (or BDUs) in the United States Army, these are worn by hardened veterans and wannabes alike. They're rugged, comfortable, and provide lots of pockets. They are also printed in camouflage patterns: woodland, desert, winter (primarily white), urban (gray patterned), and black are available. When worn in an appropriate setting, fatigues grant a +2 bonus on Hide checks.
Uniform: From the cable guy to a senior Air Force officer, people on the job tend to wear uniforms-making such clothing an essential part of some disguises, since a uniform inclines people to trust the wearer.
Ghillie Suit
The ultimate in camouflage, a ghillie suit is a loose mesh overgarment covered in strips of burlap in woodland colors, to which other camouflaging elements can easily be added. A figure under a ghillie suit is nearly impossible to discern.
A character wearing a ghillie suit with appropriate coloration gains a +10 bonus on Hide checks. (The suit's coloration can be changed with a move action. However, the bulky suit imposes a penalty of -4 on all Dexterity checks, Dexterity-based skill checks (except Hide), and melee attack rolls.
In addition to keeping a character warm and dry, coats and jackets provide additional concealment for things a character is carrying (they often qualify as loose or bulky clothing; see Concealed Weapons and Objects).
Coat: An outer garment worn on the upper body. Its length and style vary according to fashion and use.
Fatigue Jacket: A lightweight outer garment fashioned after the fatigue uniforms worn by military personnel when performing their standard duties.
Overcoat: A warm coat worn over a suit jacket or indoor clothing.
Parka: This winter coat grants the wearer a +2 equipment bonus on Fortitude saves made to resist the effects of cold weather.
Photojournalist's Vest: Made of cotton with mesh panels to keep the wearer cool, the photojournalist's vest has numerous obvious-and hidden-pockets. It counts as loose and bulky clothing when used to conceal Small or smaller weapons, and also grants the "specially modified to conceal object" bonus when used to conceal Tiny or smaller objects. See Concealed Weapons and Objects.
Windbreaker: This is a lightweight jacket made of wind-resistant material.
Tool Belt
This sturdy leather belt has numerous pockets and loops for tools, nails, pencils, and other necessities for repair and construction work, making it easy to keep about 10 pounds of items on hand. The pockets are open, however, and items can easily fall out if the belt is tipped.
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