Departmental Gear

Department-7 may not be the richest organization in the world, nor is it the best networked, but it does provide agents with some of the most unique equipment in the field. Besides having access to all publicly available mundane and magic items, members of Department-7 each receive the following:
Synchronicity Watch: A wrist or pocket watch that allows agents to move through crowds more easily than usual. Once per day, the watch can be used to activate a limited version of the synchronicity spell. It works exactly the same way as the spell except that the duration is only 10 rounds.
Type: Wondrous item (magic); Caster Level: 5th; Purchase DC: 32; Weight: -.
Secret Pockets: Each agent may choose one garment (pants, windbreaker, overcoat, etc.) and have up to two pockets of the garment function as described in the secret pocket spell.
Type: Wondrous item (magic); Caster Level: 5th; Purchase DC: 34; Weight: 1 lb.
Daylight Flares: Every agent receives six sticks that look very much like unsharpened pencils. When a stick is snapped in two, the tip of the bottom half glows as thought it was the target of a daylight spell. This effect lasts for 20 minutes.
Type: Wondrous item (magic); Caster Level: 2nd; Purchase DC: 27; Weight -.