Level: Arcane 5, Divine 5; Components: V, S, F/DF; Casting Time: Attack action; Range: Touch; Target: Creature touched; Duration: 10 minutes/level; Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
The synchronicity spell subtly rearranges reality so that the subject isn't inconvenienced by the minor delays in modern life. For the subject of synchronicity, the traffic light is always green and there's always a waiting elevator. On a city street, synchronicity ensures that a taxicab pulls up within 1 round of the subject standing on the curb. The subway trains always run on time for the subject of synchronicity, and waiters and clerks promptly arrive whenever they're needed.
Though designed for convenience, the synchronicity spell offers advantages for a caster in harm's way. The subject of synchronicity can run at full speed through even through a dense crowd, because people subconsciously move aside. The synchronicity spell also provides a +4 bonus to Defense when the subject's movement provokes an attack of opportunity (just like the Mobility feat), because even enemies have a tendency to stay out of the subject's way.
Synchronicity is also useful during car chases. Because other cars naturally get out of the way and traffic lights always turn green, a driver with synchronicity gains a +8 inherent bonus on Drive checks in urban areas and can make an unlimited number of avoid hazard and hard turn stunts (drivers are ordinarily limited to one or two stunts). When engaged in vehicular hide-and-seek, the synchronicity spell provides a +8 inherent bonus on Bluff and Hide checks (if you're being chased) or Sense Motive and Spot checks (if you're pursuing another vehicle) because other cars and pedestrians naturally aid your efforts.
Arcane Focus: A gold-level credit card or garage door remote control.
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