Department-7 is a private institution that recruits talented individuals who are not only aware of the rise of Shadow, but are willing to act for the common good of both mundane and magical beings. Funding for the organization filters through a number of shell corporations, but research suggests that it all comes from a single benefactor. This person, however, has gone to great lengths (both mundane and magical) to ensure that the data trail becomes too confusing for even the most persistent investigator to follow.
The only person in the Department-7 infrastructure that the agents know of is Ms. Fellowes, a dark-haired, officious young woman with a slight British accent. Using arcane magic she occasionally projects her image or teleports necessary information and materials into a team's base. She never, however, meets agents in person and no one knows where her office is located.
Department-7 asks its operatives to investigate new expressions of Shadow, manage and maintain relationships between the mundane world and various enclaves of Shadowkind, and to deal with violent or destructive creatures of Shadow (or to protect benevolent creatures of Shadow from hostile mundanes). In the absence of an assigned task, agents are free to do whatever they like, but Department-7 demands that they maintain an appropriate public profile (in other words, that they not do anything that would break the trust that the organization has in either mundane or Shadow circles).
It is completely appropriate for heroes to belong to Department-7.
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