A staff is a 4- to 7-foot-long, ornately wrought shaft of wood enhanced to cast a number of different (though often related) spells or psionic powers. Most staffs easily double as walking sticks or cudgels. A staff has a Defense of 7, hardness 5, 10 hit points, and a break DC of 24.
A staff of divine spells can be used only by a divine spellcaster, and a staff of arcane spells can be used only by an arcane spellcaster. Only creatures with psionic abilities can use a staff of psionic powers.
Using a staff is an attack action and does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A staff has 50 charges when new.
Purchase DC: Unless noted otherwise, a staff's purchase DC is 24 + the staff's caster level or manifester level + the total levels of the spells stored in the staff.
For a used staff with 25 charges, reduce the purchase DC by 2.
Examples of staffs include the following.
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