Tattoos are single-use "items" containing a spell-like or psionic effect that affects only the bearer. They can be drawn or imprinted just about anywhere on the body; however, the bearer of a magic or psionic tattoo must touch it (and speak a command word) to activate its power, so tattoos are normally placed in easy-to-reach places.
Magic and psionic tattoos are permanent until activated or dispelled.
Activating a tattoo is an attack action, requires the utterance of a command word, and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Purchase DC: A tattoo's purchase DC is 15 + the tattoo's caster level or manifester level + spell level or power level unless noted otherwise. The purchase DC includes the cost of drawing or imprinting the tattoo on the body.
Examples of tattoos include the following.
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Fx ItemsLimit On Fx Items WornTattoo Of Body Adjustment:
Tattoo Of Natural Armor:Tattoo Of Spider Climb:
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