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Incantation: Powerful ritual magic that requires successful Knowledge (arcane lore) checks to cast. Incantations don't require spellcasting ability, don't take up spell slots, can't be improved using metamagic feats, and need not be prepared ahead of time.
Factor: An aspect of the incantation that's built in when the incantation is designed. Casters have no control over factors; they're an indelible part of the incantation. When a GM designs an incantation, factors are useful ways to customize an incantation.
Option: Aspects of the incantation that make it easier or harder, depending on choices the caster makes. Options provide modifiers to the caster's Knowledge (arcane lore) check.
Seed: The building blocks of incantation, seeds describe magical effects in general terms.
Table: General Factors
DC modifier
Skill Checks
Requires skill check other than Knowledge (arcane lore)
Casting Time
1 hour between checks
Touch to Close/Close to Touch
Close to Medium/Medium to Close
Medium to Long/Long to Medium
Unwilling target must be helpless
Limited targets (by HD, creature type, etc.)
Single target to multiple targets
Rounds to minutes/minutes to rounds
Minutes to hours/hours to minutes
Hours to days /days to hours
Days to permanent/permanent to days
Material Components
Expensive component (purchase DC 20-24)
Expensive component (purchase DC 25-29)
Expensive component (purchase DC 30+)
Expensive focus (purchase DC 25-29)
Expensive focus (purchase DC 30+)
XP Cost
per 100 XP (max 1,000 XP)
Extra Casters
Up to 10 secondary casters
11-100 secondary casters
101+ secondary casters
Per 2d6 points of damage
Caster is exhausted
Per negative level caster suffers
Caster reduced to -1 hp
Caster infected with disease
Backlash affects secondary casters too


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