Seed: Foresee

Knowledge (arcane lore) DC: 32; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: Instantaneous (see text)
You can foretell the immediate future, or gain information about specific questions.
You are 90% likely to receive a meaningful reading of the future of the next 30 minutes. If successful, you know whether a particular action will bring good results, bad results, or no result. For each additional 30 minutes into the future, multiply the Knowledge (arcane lore) check DC by 2.
For better results, you can pose up to ten specific questions (one per round while you concentrate), but the base Knowledge (arcane lore) check DC for such an attempt is 32.
Your questions reverberate through dimension interstices beyond the veil of Shadow, seeking an answer from some willing entity. The answers return in a language you understand, but use only one-word answers such as "yes," "no," "maybe," "never," "irrelevant," or some other one-word answer. All questions answered are 90% likely to be answered truthfully. However, a specific incantation using the foresee seed can only be cast once every five weeks.
The foresee seed is also useful for incantations requiring specific information before functioning, such as those that use the reveal and transport seeds.
You can also use the foresee seed to gain one basic piece of information about a living target: location, level, class, alignment, or other special ability (or an object's magical abilities, if any). For knowledge revealed in each additional category, increase the Knowledge (arcane lore) check DC by +2. To obtain information about an object, increase the Knowledge (arcane lore) check DC by +4.