Seed: Conjure

Conjuration (Creation)
Knowledge (arcane lore) DC: 30; Range: 0 ft.; Effect: Unattended, nonmagical object of nonliving matter, 20 cu. ft.; Duration: Hours; Saving Throw: None; Spell Resistance: No
You create a nonmagical, unattended object of up to 20 cubic feet. You must succeed at an appropriate skill check to make a complex item, such as a Craft (mechanical) check to make a motorcycle. The object can be composed of any organic or manufactured subtance (or combination of substances) with a hardness of 10 or less. For each additional cubic foot of matter created, increase the Knowledge (arcane lore) DC by +2.
Attempting to use any created object as a material component causes the spell or incantation to fail and the object to disappear.