Sigil of Lyssa

Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting]
Skill Check: Knowledge (arcane lore) DC 35, 7 successes (and see text); Failure: Two consecutive failed skill checks; Components: V, S, M, XP; Casting Time: 70 minutes (minimum); Range: Touch; Effect: 60 ft. burst centered on magic rune (see text); Duration: 16 minutes (and see text); Saving Throw: Will negates (DC 18 + caster's Charisma modifier); Spell Resistance: Yes
As the sigil of Algos incantation, except that the rune causes creatures within 60 feet of the rune (treat as a burst) to go temporarily insane if they fail their Will saves. Creatures affected by this spell behave randomly for the next 16 hours, as indicated on the following table:
1d10 Behavior
1 Wander away for 1 minute (unless prevented)
2-6 Do nothing for 1 round
7-9 Attack nearest creature for 1 round
10 Act normally for 1 round
Except on a result of 1, roll again each round on the creature's turn to see what the subject does that round. Wandering creatures leave the scene as if disinterested. Attackers are not at any special advantage when attacking them. Behavior is checked at the beginning of each creature's turn. Any confused creature that is attacked automatically attacks its attackers on its next turn. Remove curse won't end the insanity, but a break enchantment spell or heal incantation will.
Once triggered, the symbol becomes active and glows, lasting for 16 minutes. Any creature that enters the area while the sigil of Lyssa is active is subject to its effects, whether or not that creature was in the area when it was triggered. A creature need only save against the symbol once as long as it remains within the area, though if it leaves the area and returns while the symbol is still active, it must save again.
Read magic allows you to identify a sigil of Lyssa with a successful Spellcraft check (DC 18). Of course, if the sigil of Algos is set to be triggered by reading it, this will trigger the symbol.
Note: Magic traps such as sigil of Lyssa are hard to detect and disable. Characters can use the Search skill to find a sigil of Lyssa and Disable Device to thwart it. The DC in each case is 33.
Material Component: Rare alchemical paints and herbs (purchase DC 25).
Experience Point Cost: 700 XP.
Failure: Reversal. The sigil affects anyone, including the caster and any bystanders, who looks at it or reads it.
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