Dedicate Site

Evocation [Good]
Skill Check: Knowledge (arcane lore) DC 35, 5 successes, and Spellcraft DC 35, 1 success; Failure: Two consecutive failed skill checks; Components: V, S, M, SC, B; Casting Time: 6 hours (minimum); Range: Touch; Area: 120-ft.- radius emanation centered on touched point; Duration: One year; Saving Throw: See text; Spell Resistance: See text
Dedicate site makes a particular place, building, or structure particularly attuned to a specific allegiance. This has two major effects.
First, the site or structure is guarded by a magic circle effect (as the spell) against any allegiance you choose.
Second, you may choose to fix a single spell effect to the dedicated site. The spell effect lasts for one year and functions throughout the entire site, regardless of the normal duration and area or effect. You may designate whether the effect applies to all creatures, creatures that share an allegiance with you, or creatures that have another allegiance. At the end of the year, the chosen effect lapses, but it can be renewed or replaced simply by casting the dedicate site incantation again.
Spell effects that may be tied to a dedicated site include aid, bane, bless, cause fear, darkness, daylight, detect magical aura, discern lies, dispel magic, freedom of movement, remove fear, resist energy, silence, tongues, and zone of truth. Saving throws and spell resistance might apply to these spells' effects. (See the individual spell descriptions for details.)
An area can receive only one dedicate site spell (and its associated spell effect) at a time.
Material Component: Various symbols relevant to your allegiance (purchase DC 25).
Secondary Casters: 11 required (not including the primary caster).
Backlash: All casters are exhausted.
Failure: Hostile spell. The primary caster is targeted with a bestow curse spell, but does not get a saving throw or spell resistance. The GM chooses the exact curse.