The Black Feathers is a loose affiliation of organizations dedicated to fighting the spread of urban sprawl. Some groups are against deforestation, others are for the protection of wildlife, and still others simply pine for a simpler way of life, but all of them have at their heart a desire to see nature preserved.
The Black Feathers is an organization in only the loosest sense of the word. Many presume this is because of the logistical nightmare in getting different special interest groups to agree on agendas and action plans. However, it has just as much to do with the fact that the Black Feathers lends equal support to even the most violently radical groups (provided their goals are sufficiently anti-industrial). The organization does not, though, actively promote any of the agendas of its member groups. Rather, the Black Feathers provide logistical support and supply information to their members. They inform them of opportunities to promote their causes and keep them abreast of the actions of friend and foe alike. In fact, the thing that this organization does best is put like-minded individuals and groups together.
Very little is known about the actual workings of the Black Feathers. It is unclear exactly how big the central organization is-even the most basic research reveals that the names found in press releases and public statements are false identities. Those who dig deeply enough, though, will find repeated references to an actual person named Black Feather. Although the mundane media considers her to be just another of the organization's fictional representatives, those familiar with Shadow culture can find out that Black Feather is an elf who has been in this world for the past 10 years or so.
The Black Feathers is a very accepting organization. They will have heroes as members so long as the heroes are actively promoting an ecological agenda. However, heroes should be aware that not all the Black Feathers' member groups are especially scrupulous when it comes to public safety, in fact some are downright dangerous. But if the heroes don't much care what sorts of whackos they associate with, the Black Feathers can serve as a wealth of information and networking resources.
It is not possible to requisition any equipment from the Black Feathers themselves. But the organization almost always can point the heroes to someone who can fulfill their needs-for a price.
Potions, Poultices, and Poisons
The Black Feathers is as loose an organization as one is likely to find. It is hard for members to call on timely aid from anyone other than their immediate compatriots. However, member groups are generally more than happy to share resources. Since the groups are universally devoted to ecological issues and organic lifestyles, they have spent a good deal of time perfecting recipes for various natural brews, cures, and irritants.
Members can send word through the grapevine that they need a particular known potion or poison, and their contacts will do their best to find a supply. This generally takes a while, and the requesting member must wait 1d6 days for any news.
The GM may make an immediate ruling on whether or not the requested item is available, or may choose to roll 2d6 and consult the following table. It is left to the GM to decide whether the item is given freely, the characters must pay the usual market price for the item, or the provider requires a higher than normal price (or perhaps some special service) in exchange for the item.
Item unavailable
1 dose of item available
1d3 doses of item available
1d6 doses of item available
unlimited supply of item available
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