Ubiquitous Vision

Level: Psionic Agent 3; Display: Visual; Manifestation Time: Attack action; Range: Personal; Target: You; Duration: 2 rounds/level (D); Saving Throw: None; Power Resistance: No; Power Points: 5
You have "eyes in the back of your head," and in the sides and top as well (though only in effect, not literally). In effect, you have a 360-degree sphere of sight, allowing you perfect view of creatures that might otherwise flank you. Thus, flanking opponents gain no bonus on their attack rolls, and you do not lose your bonus to Dexterity unless you are caught flat-footed. Your Spot checks gain a +3 enhancement bonus, and your Search checks gain a +1 enhancement bonus. Concurrently, you suffer a -4 enhancement penalty on saves against all gaze attacks and visual attacks during the power's duration.