Psionic Agent Powers

The Psionic Agent chooses psionic powers from the following list.
0-Level Psionic Agent Powers
Burst (Dex). Speed improves by 10 feet for 1 round.
Detect Poison (Wis). Detect the presence of poisons.
Detect Psionics (Wis). Detect the presence of psionics activity.
Far Punch (Con). Telekinetic strike deals 1 point of damage.
Finger of Fire (Int). Deal 1d3 points of fire damage to target.
Missive (Cha). Send a one-way telepathic message.
Verve (Str). Gain 1 temporary hit point.
1st-Level Psionic Agent Powers
Call Weaponry (Dex). Summon weapon to your hand.
Combat Precognition (Wis). Gain a +1 insight bonus to Defense.
Feather Fall (Dex). Objects or creatures fall slowly.
Identify (Wis). Identify single feature of magical or psionics item.
Lesser Concussion (Con). Mentally pummel target for 1d6 points of damage.
Object Reading (Wis). Reveal an object's past.
Spider Climb (Dex). Walk on walls and ceilings.
2nd-Level Psionic Agent Powers
Chameleon (Str): Gain +10 bonus on Hide checks
Combat Focus (Wis). Gain a +4 insight bonus on initiative checks.
Combat Prescience (Wis). Gain a +2 insight bonus on attack rolls.
Darkvision (Wis). See in the dark.
Knock (Dex): Open locked doors.
Levitate (Dex). Target moves up or down at your direction.
Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions (Wis). Reveal an area's past.
3rd-Level Psionic Agent Powers
Dimension Slide (Dex). Move to spot within range you can see.
Fly (Dex). Subject flies at speed of 90 ft.
Instant Reload (Dex): Reload your weapon automatically.
Invisibility Purge (Wis). Dispels invisibility within 5 ft./ level.
Metaphysical Weapon (Int). Weapon gains a +3 enhancement bonus.
Prowess (Wis) Take an extra attack of opportunity
Ubiquitous Vision (Wis). You have all-around vision.
4th-Level Psionic Agent Powers
Dimension Door (Dex). Teleports you and up to 500 lb. a short distance
Fate of One (Wis). Reroll a failed roll.
Freedom of Movement (Dex). Move normally despite impediments.
Ghost Shot (Dex). Create intangible bullets.
Immovability (Str). Become impossible to move.
Steadfast Perception (Wis). +4 bonus against illusions, +2 bonus on Search and Spot checks.