A hero may hold other jobs as his or her career unfolds, but the benefits of a starting occupation are only applied once, at the time of character creation.
Many starting occupations have a prerequisite that the character must meet to qualify for the occupation. Each occupation provides a number of additional permanent class skills that the character can select from a list of choices. Once selected, a permanent class skill is always considered to be a class skill for the character. If the skill selected is already a class skill for the character, he or she also gains a one-time competence bonus for that skill.
Some starting occupations provide a Reputation bonus or a bonus feat (in addition to the two feats a 1st-level character already receives). A character still must meet any prerequisites for these bonus feats. Finally, a starting occupation increases the character's Wealth bonus.
Choose one occupation from the available selections and apply the benefits to the character as noted in the occupation's description.


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