Conjuration (Healing)
Level: Divine 3; Components: V, S, F; Casting Time: Attack action; Range: Touch; Target: Creature touched; Duration: Instantaneous and special (see text); Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
By converting electrical energy into eldritch power, you can recover quickly from debilitating physical effects. However, you must draw current from a wall socket to power this healing magic.
The recharge spell instantly eliminates the following conditions: cowering, dazed, exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, shaken, and stunned. The caster can heal herself of some of these conditions, but others (such as stunned) don't allow spellcasting or other actions.
In addition, the recharge spell instantly cures blindness or deafness caused by a spell or spell-like ability, and it grants a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against poison for 1 minute.
Focus: An active electrical outlet.
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